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Just another young animator/artist in the making! If you like what you see visit my DeviantART, it has way more stuff (I hardly put in effort to keep my NG updated.) Also, my Youtube has animation-related stuffs too :P

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Posted by EpicBoredom - March 16th, 2015

Hope to make it big this time!!

Posted by EpicBoredom - December 16th, 2013

Clip of me animating, less time and more detail than Adam Phillips, but his movements are better and he does godly backgrounds unlike me.

Lolis are one of the few reasons I keep living. If you like this sort of weird shit check the other stuff on my Youtube channel.

I remember I used to visit this site so much. I was never really good at fitting into online communities though, even now when my work is sort of recognized. In any case if anyone reading this has some sort of idea for a group project or wants animation tips you can comment or send me a PM, although it might be better to find someone in the forums. (I know some things about tweening but I would never suggest it to a true lover of animation) Guess my 19 fans decide to remain mostly silent XD. Can't really blame them.

I played Portal Defenders, NG Rumble, Colony, FPA: World 3 recently and they really bring back some good memories, although I invested my gaming in Lost Saga and anime since 10th grade or so, and sort of have no replacement for it now that it's gone broken and bad (there's still hope with the new publisher though!) I don't know ever since then I've become lazy with what I wanted to upload on Newgrounds -- there are plenty of stuff on DA and Youtube that I have but I guess I'm just lazy and only upload a few things here... I've said before that my tastes aren't exactly similar to the Newgrounds standards anyhow.

Posted by EpicBoredom - May 23rd, 2012

Posted by EpicBoredom - June 23rd, 2011

I won't be posting much stuff on this site's blog because well, the main audience here sort of makes me feel uncomfortable. I have a lot more stuff on my deviantART here which is mostly just art that ain't all that decent.